I grew up in the church; my family always took me to church and I became involved in almost every way. I thought I knew God, but in reality I only knew of him. I was a "Sunday only Christian" going to church on Sunday's, but in the weekdays I was like any other person. I began to grow apart from God, and found myself developing an Addiction for Pornography. I started my life at this University and quickly began to deteriorate more and more. 
       Until one day I had an Encounter with God unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was healed from a reoccurring back pain, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and my life was completely Changed. I went from believing that God doesn't do miracles anymore, to now living in the supernatural. He removed the veil from my Eyes, and now I have joy, peace, and an unconditional and unconventional Love. I was redeemed, and delivered from my past addictions. He has created in me a new living being.


I grew up in a Christian home so I always knew about God. But I didn’t understand who God really was. I was living a dual identity. I was a “good Christian girl” when I was around Christians but when I was around my other friends I was a totally different person. Even though some of the time I said that I was a Christian, most of the time I didn’t want anyone to know that I called myself a Christian. I felt empty and incomplete. I had no clue who I really was. I struggled with my image and who I was. I was afraid what people would think of me and I was very shy. I was going through life with no real purpose. During my junior year of high school I decided that I needed to find out what I really believed. I needed to know if God was real or if there was something else that I should say that I believed in. I began going to church more and reading the Bible more. I had been told my whole life that God was real and that he could help me with everything and I needed to find out if that was true. I told God that if he was real that he would show me. One night I had a real encounter with God. It felt like he was holding me and telling me that I was complete. Right then I knew that God was real. Overnight I saw a huge difference in my life. I wasn’t shy anymore. In fact, I couldn’t stop telling people about God. He completely changed my life. God showed me that it didn’t matter what I had done but that I was important to him. 


I was born and raised in a Christian
home. I always knew God was there I just didn't know who he was. I was saved my freshman year of high school and that was when I felt God for the first time and fell in love with it.
I've always been in this constant battle with my insecurities. I've never been the same size as the other girls my age and I was made fun of for that. I always felt not good enough or beautiful. It's like there was always something wrong with me. I thought no one wanted me. My step dad has raised me since I was 8 months old and I never knew my real dad until I contacted him my freshman year. We talked for a few months while he had just gotten out of prison until he stopped trying. I fell lower into depression. But the hardest thing about it was I never told anyone how I felt. I kept everything in thinking no one cares and I can deal with it in my own. I would smile and laugh on the outside making it seem like everything was okay when it wasn't. The more I became involved in church the more I realized how much I loved music and worship, so I started singing one day to a Christian song when a friend of mine noticed I was singing and she says “ I know you can sing!” She had no idea how much confidence that gave me I started working harder at my voice. I felt beautiful and worth something. My confidence started to be stronger than my insecurities. Then all of a sudden my voice was gone, completely gone. I lost my voice for 4 months and in those 4 months was the most awesome and hardest times of my life. During that time my real dad had stopped talking to me completely. My step dad thought he would “motivate” me into losing weight by showing “tough love”. He would make fun of the way I looked and make faces and gestures at me while I ate. He unknowingly was tearing me apart thinking he was helping me. I fell deeper and deeper. I felt the rejection of my real dad and now my step dad doesn't want me. During all of this I brought it upon myself to heal my voice. I tried every home remedy I found. I feel deeper and deeper. I was drowning all I had to do was look at my father instead of looking at the storm. I came down to the conclusion that the world would be so much better with out me in it. I decided to kill my self. I would think of so many ways on how I would do it. I would think its okay Danyel just take all those pills in the cabinet who cares anyway. I couldn't do what made me feel beautiful. I was suffocating in my insecurities. The things I hated most about my self were pointed out by my step dad. I was never enough. I decided to tell someone a little bit about how I felt because honestly I wanted someone to convince me out of this. I was terrified. They listened and made a me feel a little better gave me a little strength. But I still had those thoughts and those unwanted feelings. Someone then told me that I could pray for my voice to come back. I thought they were crazy but I was at my last hope. So I prayed it was no simple prayer I cried and begged for God to return my voice. I made a promise that if he healed my voice that I would go out and only sing for him. Within a week my voice was healed completely. I thought with 4 months of not singing that my voice would be terrible but it was stronger than before. God revealed my purpose and how important I truly am. How much he used me. How much he loved me. I wants worthless or unwanted I was priceless and irreplaceable.




I spent most of my childhood with my grandma. When I was 10 years old I was molested by one of my cousins who was around 8 years older than me. I felt so mad at my parents because they weren't there to protect me from this event. Soon I grew ever more angry towards my parents because they both had started their own families and I thought they didn't care about my sisters and me. I had low self-esteem, I did not feel loved from people. Even when they would show that they loved me I would block the love out. My mom began going to church, then invited my sisters and I. That day, my life changed completely. God turned my world around and transformed my life. I no longer feel hatred against my parents but instead only love for them and love for who God has made me to be.


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